It’s finally official that the three reversing cameras of the OnePlus 10 Pro are as expected a 48M Main, a 50MP Tele and an 8MP Ultra-Wide. And what OnePlus is now sharing about these cameras are the most notable features they are going to offer. A statement from OnePlus reads:

What is OnePlus Billion Color Solution?

This is a bit difficult to explain without getting technical, but photography fans will appreciate it. Because of this feature, the OnePlus 10 Pro records in 10-bit colors, can take photos with a 25% higher DCI-P3 color space coverage and process 64 more colors than the OnePlus 9 Pro, so at least a big jump on paper .

All three of the OnePlus 10 Pro’s rear cameras support 10-bit color, which should essentially remove color streaks from photos.

What is second generation Hasselblad Pro mode?

All three rear cameras on the OnePlus 10 Pro support a second generation Hasselblad Pro mode, and that means photos can be taken in 12-bit RAW. This is a particularly useful feature for professional and amateur photographers who like to edit their photos after they are taken because they have more editing to do.

The RAW image format contains minimally processed data, as opposed to more commonly used image formats such as PNG or JPG. OnePlus also adds:

About this 150 ° ultra-wide camera

We finally have some light on the OnePlus 10 Pro’s ultra-wide sensor – for example, we now know that it has a field of view of 150 °. According to OnePlus, this is up to four times wider than conventional ultra-wide cameras.

How useful is this to the user? Aside from some creative wide-angle shots, it basically allows you to capture more of your surroundings than a regular camera can. Or more friends together in one shot, even if the photo is taken relatively close to the group.

The OnePlus 10 Pro’s ultra-wide camera also supports Fisheye mode, a fun messing around and experimenting feature that photo enthusiasts are likely to be familiar with. Last but not least, if 150 ° is too much for you, the ultra-wide camera can also take photos in a “more traditional 110 ° field of view,” with some AI distortion correction for a fair amount.

What is the movie mode on the OnePlus 10 Pro?

Film mode is another tool that photography enthusiasts can use to do more on their phone. On the OnePlus 10 Pro, this feature allows the user to adjust the ISO, shutter speed and more of the camera both during video recording and before it starts.

In addition, the film mode enables recordings in LOG format without a preset image profile and offers video editors a blank canvas for editing. Videos shot on the OnePlus 10 Pro in LOG format offer, according to OnePlus, a greater dynamic range, more information in the shadows and lights. So video editors have more work to do to get the results you want.

Official information on the OnePlus 10 Pro release date

The OnePlus 10 Pro will launch in China on January 11th, with a later release planned for North America, Europe and India in 2022. Stay tuned for the exact dates as we will share them with you as soon as they are official.

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