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Official Google Pixel Watch marketing image leak

For example, Prosser mentioned the frameless design of the watch (which you can see in the leaked pictures) and passed on the word that the device was code-named “Rohan”. The controversial Prosser said back in April that the device would be launched in the first quarter of 2022, something Business Insider also mentioned last week.

Tipster enters the Ming-Chi Kuo area with an impressive Pixel Watch leak

If the watch is actually introduced in the first quarter, his tip on the device could have a lead time of 10-11 months, which would bring him to the Ming-Chi Kuo area. The best tip ever, however, is Kuo’s February 2017 report, which reveals the new look of the iPhone X (known then as the iPhone 8). In this report, Kuo revealed (pretty much) the screen sizes for all three iPhones, the Apple Released September, discussed the True Depth Camera and called it “revolutionary”.

Let us now return to the current discussion about the future. Prosser revealed some official marketing images for the Pixel Watch that he says came straight from sources inside Google. It is brave of him to say this on YouTube, considering that he is apparently facing some kind of legal action that Samsung initiated a month ago over the distribution of images of the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

No disappointments are to be expected for Pixel fans this time around

At this point, we don’t expect any further disappointment for Pixel fans who have been waiting a long time for this watch. Allegedly, Google’s lack of trust in Wear OS didn’t stop it from releasing a watch until 2019. Samsung’s decision to replace the in-house Tizen with Wear OS for them Galaxy watch 4 line could have given Google the trust it needed.

Google plans to include certain features that are only available to the Pixel Watch, similar to how it offers specific Android features to Pixel phone users. The main goal is to show what Wear OS can be, exactly what the Pixel phones for Android do.

Get the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro

A Pixel Watch would certainly bolster the Google ecosystem, which took a huge bump this year with the release of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. Despite the typical problems that seem to affect new Pixel phones coming to market every year, the phones have sold well and Google is taking the business out of handing out software fixes for some of the early bugs, including those related with ghost dialing and the delay fingerprint scanner.

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