Office workers questioning the value of return to office amid cost of living ris…


The rising price of fuel has ignited a growing reluctance to commute to work, according to a survey of 1,000 Australian office workers by Citrix Systems, a work-from-anywhere software company.  

As far as general attitudes go, the survey found that 54% of Australian office workers are not keen on a return to office regimen, citing they planned to avoid the high costs of commuting. This sentiment is on-par with their global counterparts, according to Citrix. 

As you’ve no doubt heard in recent weeks, the cost of living in Australia is rising. Wages aren’t growing in-line with inflation. The interest rate is on the up-and-up. 

So while many grew accustomed to the work from home lifestyle during the camel’s back of the pandemic, office workers have left their fallout-shelters to find a more expensive world. This has left many questioning whether the push for return to office is justified, according to managing director of Citrix Australia and New Zealand, Martin…

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