Razer has presented the prototype for a smart face mask – with RGB lighting and voice amplification.

Project Hazel has a detachable ventilator that regulates airflow and a special charging case that is lined with a UV light interior that kills bacteria and viruses when the mask is charged.

It has a transparent design so others can see you speak, a low light mode (the inside of the mask lights up automatically when it’s dark), and voiceamp technology via a built-in microphone and amplifier combination so your speech can be heard even then you will not be subdued

And of course the flair: there are two customizable lighting zones with Razer Chroma RGB that offer 16.8m of color and a range of iconic effects so you can “turn your head while you are safe”.

I get cyberpunk / watch dogs vibes from this thing. Perfect for gamers! My question now is: Can you use it to change your voice AND replace your mouth with a talking LED mouth?

No word yet on price or availability.

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