Zug, May 24, 2021 – Occam Association has the OccamRazer platform Iagon First DEX offer. Iagon, a distributed cloud computing platform, aims to harness unused processing power to build a distributed network of nodes and form a distributed supercomputer.

By using unused storage capacities in data centers, computers and intelligent devices, Iagon aims to create large, distributed data networks that offer an unmatched level of security. To achieve this level of security, Iagon uses a proprietary encryption technology based on the SHA256 encryption and blockchain technology in combination with a proprietary encryption technology. Patent received “Secure Lake” technology.

The combination of these technologies prevents you from accessing, deleting or otherwise modifying your data or files if your information system is compromised. It will also be inaccessible to Iagon himself. Thanks to its innovative solution, Iagon is becoming the new standard for processing sensitive information.

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