O2 Telefónica uses Nokia Cloud RAN for its 5G network


Telecommunications provider O2 Telefónica is using the innovative cloud RAN technology from European network supplier Nokia in its 5G network for the first time.

As with Open RAN, Cloud RAN allows parts of the radio access network (RAN) to be virtualized, allowing for hardware and software separation. O2 Telefónica thus also benefits from the advantages of the cloud in the mobile access network, for example for the automation of network functions or more flexible use of hardware. O2 Telefónica and Nokia are doing pioneering work.

Cloud RAN enables faster modernization of the mobile access network The most important technical components of a mobile network include the antennas and the so-called radio and baseband units. So far, these have been set up with classic hardware on site – at each of the approximately 28,000 O2 Telefónica locations in Germany. With Cloud RAN, parts of the baseband unit can be virtualized: the baseband unit that…

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