Nvidia hits a big win – Microsoft will be the first public cloud to adopt their AI


NVIDIA (NVDA -1.71%) just reported third quarter results and is still working its way through over-stocking and a tough market in China. The results were roughly in line with what could be expected at the moment.

The biggest news, however, was a partnership with Microsoft‘s (MSFT -0.19%) Cloud computing segment, Azure to build a new supercomputer. According to Nvidia, Microsoft is the first public cloud company to launch its full, advanced artificial intelligence (AI) stack powered by Nvidia hardware and software.

It’s not the first deal like this to be announced in recent times. But it underscores just how far Nvidia has come — and how much it still has to gain in the years to come — as its data center segment grows. Here’s what investors need to know.

Nvidia GPUs control the private and public cloud

If Nvidia’s new supercomputer partnership with Microsoft Azure sounds familiar, here’s why. Just weeks earlier, Nvidia said it was partnering with Tech-Star oracle. Oracle has a public cloud infrastructure and platform…

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