Bengaluru: VMware has the lawsuit against his former COO Rajiv. dropped Ramaswami for joining the competitor Nutanix as CEO. Ramaswami joined Nutanix last December, two days after leaving VMware. VMware had filed a lawsuit for so-called material and persistent violations of legal and contractual obligations and obligations.As Chief Operating Officer at VMware, Ramaswami co-led VMware’s product and service portfolio. He is the successor to Nutanix co-founder Dheeraj Pandey as CEO.When TOI contacted VMware about the matter, it said it had settled the dispute with Ramaswami. “VMware is pleased that this issue has been resolved and that it can focus on developing exceptional products and services for its customers,” said the press release.Nutanix said in a statement: “VMware’s lawsuit was misguided and inappropriate in the absence of any wrongdoing on the part of Mr. Ramaswami.” Last year, Nutanix said VMware’s lawsuit was aimed at making interviews for a new job illegal. “We see VMwares …


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