Nutanix supports educational institutions in Saudi Arabia with transformative…


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – Nutanix (NASDAQ: NTNX), a leader in hybrid multicloud computing, has a strong focus on helping educational institutions in Saudi Arabia modernize their IT infrastructures and accelerate digital transformation initiatives.

Mr. Tareq Hassan, Senior Enterprise Sales Manager – Saudi Arabia, says: “Learning will increasingly take place with a hybrid approach, combining face-to-face and distance learning in a more flexible way, enabling both with the latest digital technologies. Educational institutions in the UK are striving to adopt improved learning pathways which can pose significant challenges to outdated IT infrastructure. New trends such as distance learning, educational portals, BYOD, virtualization, learning applications and instructional videos are creating new models of teaching and learning and require the necessary support from campus IT systems. IT infrastructure must be more adaptable than ever to meet these trends.


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