Nutanix extends Kubernetes in the HCI hypervisor – blocks and files


In an effort to combine AHV virtualization with Kubernetes-orchestrated containers, Nutanix announced at the Kubecon event that it was adding a number of containerized application support elements to its cloud platform software.

It announced broad support for major Kubernetes container platforms, built-in infrastructure-as-code capabilities, and advanced data services for cloud-native applications. That’s because developing and running containers within the Nutanix cloud platform environment provides developers with linear scalability, performance and governance, and manages IT operational cost control by eliminating idle compute and storage resources.

Thomas Cornel

Thomas Cornely, SVP of product management at Nutanix said, “Costeffectively running Kubernetes container platforms at scale requires a developer-ready infrastructure that seamlessly adapts to changing requirements. … The Nutanix Cloud Platform now supports a wide range of Kubernetes containers …

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