A photo of someone holding up an iPhone while the Google Search app is open in the search history settings

Once the update is rolled out on your iOS device, you will see a pop-up option that will allow you to delete the last 15 minutes of your search activity.
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In his never-Stop searching to convince users that privacy is a top priority, Google is Roll out a quick auto-clear control to clear the last 15 minutes of your mobile search history. The feature arrives first on iOS devices, with the option later this year on Android devices.

The 15 minute scrub was originally announced at Google I / O 2021 as an additional option to the existing automatic deletion function. On your profile page in the Google Search app, you can choose to automatically delete your data every three, 18 or 36 months. Or you can choose 15 minutes now.

iPhone and iPad users who already have access to the function can see it in the Google app for iOS. Tap your profile avatar photo to find the button to delete the last 15 minutes under Search history. There’s a little more satisfying using this data-erasing feature than going into incognito mode, and it helps in a pinch when you find that your latest obsession with Google cults isn’t something you’re feeding the algorithm want.

A rendering showing the Google Search app on an iPhone

See what the option will look like when it’s live on your iOS device.
picture: Google

Google also advises its users on the Data protection check and Security check Features both of which are handy ways to see which third Parties you have given access to your Google Account over the years. I recently reviewed and removed a number of services that I hadn’t touched in nearly half a decade. You need to take some time to go through the settings and see what Google suggests you, but a little time can pay off in keeping your account secure in the long run.

Finally, Google is introducing the option of blocking the “My Activities” page behind an additional login page. For example, if you share a device with your kids, they won’t have access to what you used to be look up earlier in the day. Because maybe MOmmy (it’s me) really went down an iconic rabbit hole, and some of those google search results shouldn’t be seen by innocent eyes.

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