By doing June Pixel Feature Drop, Google introduced “Locked Folder” in the Google Photos app on Pixel devices. As originally reported by Android police, the feature now introduces non-Google Pixel devices.

Locked Folder is a secure folder on the device that you can use to store private (yes, uh) pictures and videos that won’t be uploaded to Google Photos. From here you can only see everything you have saved and you are not allowed to share any content, take screenshots, or record a screen unless it is removed again from the locked folder.

Source: Android Police

Source: Android Police

The feature is accessed by opening Google Photos and tapping the “Library” tab, then “Utilities” and scrolling down to “Locked Folder”.

If you’re using an Android phone without a Pixel, the option may not appear right away. Some users reported a notification informing them of the arrival of the feature. Even if you’re using the latest version of the Google Photos app, you seem to see the “Locked Folder” option after a server-side update leaked the Google Play Services Framework.


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