Now is the time to buy AMZN stock


Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) executed a 1:20 stock split on June 6th. That had a big impact on the tech giant’s share price. On Friday, AMZN stock closed at $2,447 per share. The stock was trading at $125 a share at the close on Monday. If someone bought Amazon stock on Friday and then sold it on Monday, they would have made a 2% gain.

AMZN stock is down 10% since its peak last fall and since the stock split went through, but it remains one of the strongest companies.

A stock split is a predetermined event that gives anyone the opportunity to own shares in extremely successful companies. Retail investors are struggling to get their hands on these stocks due to their increased share prices. It’s possible to take advantage of a stock’s rise before it splits by buying it beforehand. However, this task is often difficult without proper research and skills. This point has now been passed for AMZN shares.

However, there are still many reasons …

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