North Korean IT workers infiltrate tech companies


As Russia’s full-scale War in Ukraine is approaching its hundredth day, the resistance of the Ukrainian armed forces is as strong as ever. At the same time, hacktivists around the world continue to break into Russian institutions and release their files and emails. This week, a hacktivist collective took a different — and slightly odd — approach: They launched a service to prank Russian government officials. The new website uses leaked details to phone two random Russian officials to each other. It obviously won’t make a difference in the outcome of the war, but the group that developed it hopes the tool will cause some confusion and anger Muscovites.

New research from Google’s Threat Analysis Group has looked into the surveillance-for-hire industry and found that spyware vendors are targeting Android devices with zero-day exploits. State-sponsored actors in Egypt, Armenia, Greece, Madagascar, Ivory Coast, Serbia, Spain and Indonesia have all bought hackers…

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