SEOUL, South Korea – North Korea warned on Sunday that the United States will face “a very serious situation”, claiming that President Joe Biden made “a big mistake” in his recent speech in labeling the north as a security threat.

Last week, in his first address to Congress, Biden described North Korea and Iran’s nuclear programs as a “serious threat” to American and global security and said he would work with allies to address these issues through diplomacy and strong deterrence.

“His statement clearly reflects his intention to continue to enforce hostile policies towards the DPRK as the US has pursued for over half a century,” said Kwon Jong Gun, a senior official with the North Korean State Department, in a statement. The DPRK stands for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the official name of the north.

“It is certain that the US chief made a big mistake, given today’s perspective,” said Kwon. “Now that the …


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