NordVPN joins the growing number of VPNs removing servers from India


India is new Data Collection Policy has asked another VPN provider, NordVPN, to remove its servers from the country.

NordVPN announced today that it will shut down its physical servers in India on June 26, the day before the country’s government begins to comply with the requirements VPN provider to log and possibly share data about local Indian users.

“This means that a VPN company with servers in India may no longer be able to guarantee the privacy of its users. With this in mind, NordVPN has made the decision to remove all of its servers from India,” the VPN’s parent company, Nord Security, told us in a statement.

of India new guidelines is said to fight cybercrime by making it easier for government agencies to identify and catch hackers. But it requires VPN providers to collect and share data about Indian users, including the IP addresses they used to browse the web.

As a result, the new regulations undermine the whole point of using a VPNyours…

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