Virtual Private Network (VPN) service provider NordVPN has developed an open-source speed test tool that allows users to objectively compare the speeds of different VPN services.

The company says the tool aims to address the limitations of traditional VPN testing tools, including their lack of transparency, reliability, and universal applicability.

The tool is designed to provide a uniform, standard speed test method to accurately measure the network throughput of a VPN source.

The publicly available solution, hosted on GitHub, provides comprehensive test reports detailing number of tests per hour, average download speed results, arithmetic mean, and average winner results.

NordVPN recommends running a VPN performance test with at least one test per hour for three days for a more accurate comparison.

Test subjects may include NordVPN, ExpressVPN, SurfShark, PIA, and PureVPN. To add support for additional VPN service providers, you’ll need to create a personal branch of the tool’s GitHub …

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