NordLayer Review: A VPN for the Zero Trust Era


Many companies use Virtual Public Networks (VPNs) to create a connection between their remote resources and their local networks. However, many of these VPN solutions have three main problems.

First, VPNs can be difficult to set up, secure, and maintain. With every misconfiguration or error, the entire network can be attacked.

Second, VPNs don’t scale well and can get overloaded. These problems get especially bad when remote users only use the VPN to reach high-bandwidth cloud resources such as Zoom calls or large file downloads.

Finally, the modern IT environment has many cloud-based resources that reside off-network and users do not need to use a VPN to access them. Users could choose to bypass the hassle of VPNs and access these cloud resources directly without additional security protection.

Cloud-based VPN and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) Solutions like NordLayer offer VPN quality protection…

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