Microsoft has let down hopes that running Windows 11 on M1 Macs will be officially supported, saying it was “an unsupported scenario”.

Parallels, the leading Mac virtualization software, recently Approved a version for the M1 Mac and saw up to 30% improved Windows 10 performance. The company has been working on compatibility with Windows 11, but noisy The registry, has some problems.

With version 17 of Parallels Desktop, errors occurred when running Windows 11. The company released 17.0.1 which appears to have fixed the problem – at least for now.

According to a statement from Microsoft The registry, running Windows 11 on the M1 – either native or in virtualization – is “an unsupported scenario”.

It remains to be seen whether it is just unsupported or whether Microsoft will try to actively prevent it from continuing to work. That Parallels got it working again is at least …

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