Nintendo switch sports is finally here, a whopping 16 years later Wii sports was published in 2006. As we expected, the game is great fun. In our reviewDan said: “Nintendo switch Sports brings a fun, premium and beloved Wii series to the Switch console” and “I was once again reminded of the fun of playing those motion-controlled Nintendo sports games I once loved.”

if you’re anything like me Nintendo Switch Sports will remind you of those beautiful childhood memories of playing Wii sports But as nostalgic as the franchise is for many, it also has a pretty messy history. Yes, I’m talking about the Wii remotes that have been thrown around everywhere.

If you haven’t selected Nintendo Switch Sports Take a look at what to expect in this trailer.

It’s easy to get carried away in a tense virtual tennis match, and players soon began hurting themselves and those around them, leading to Nintendo offering extra-strong wristbands and padded remote control cases to limit further damage. Well, history repeats itself. Are we really surprised?

streamers 63man was streaming live to play Nintendo Switch Sports‘ version of Tennis on Saturday April 30 when, in a moment of intense excitement, he accidentally threw the Joy-Con controller at his TV, promptly smashing the display. This all happened just a day after the game’s release.

The man immediately went into stunned shock and horror before turning the camera around to show viewers his destroyed television. Speaking about the incident, a visibly upset man said in his chat: “If you don’t broadcast [that clip] to live stream fails, i actually disconnect from this chat.

Nintendo Switch Sports currently has six sports available – bowling, tennis, chambara, volleyball, badminton and soccer, with golf being released at a later date. Like its predecessor Nintendo Switch Sports should be played with the Joy-Con’s seat belts, so dear gamers, heed the safety warning that asks you to tighten them. Otherwise, we could be reliving the big TV smash-up burst of 2006.

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