Nintendo Announces Direct Mini for Tomorrow –


Users have been waiting for Nintendo to hold a seasonal direct that would resemble an E3 show. It’s not clear if that’s coming, but the company has announced a Direct Mini that will focus on third-party games. It will stream June 28th at 6am PT.

Nintendo revealed the Direct Mini on its Twitter account. The video will be around 25 minutes long and will contain information about various third-party Switch games.

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The emphasis on third-party titles means this isn’t the place to read more about Nintendo’s forthcoming first-party roster. A direct for these titles has not yet been confirmed. Pokemon scarlet, Pokemon Violetand turn 3 There are confirmed dates – September 9 and November 18 respectively – but the rest of his games are more ambiguous.

That delayed Advance Wars 1+2: Restart Camp does not have a new release date yet. bayonet 3 should appear in 2022but Nintendo wasn’t more specific and didn’t reveal much about the highly anticipated action title. The untitled sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was postponed to spring 2023but Nintendo hasn’t talked much about it. Reports and leaks have also indicated that Nintendo is releasing a Metroid Prime reissue this year. All of these announced and unannounced games mean that while things get easier for the company later in 2022, the company still has some things to show off in another proper Direct.

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