NFL and AWS Artificial Intelligence Challenge award $100,000 to New Ways to…


More than 1,000 data analysts from 65 countries took part in the challenge and five winning models were awarded a total of $100,000. Kippei Matsuda from Osaka, Japan won the grand prize of $50,000, followed by Takuya Ito from Tokyo, Japan, who received $25,000. Third, fourth and fifth place winners received $13,000, $7,000 and $5,000 respectively. The NFL gave data scientists access to NFL game data and challenged them to build on last season’s competition, which used crowd-sourced models to detect helmet impacts from NFL game footage, to now automatically identify the specific players participating in were involved in every helmet impact.

“It was the most exciting competition I’ve ever experienced,” said the winner Kippei Matsuda. “It is a very common task for computer vision to recognize objects in 2D images, but this challenge required us to consider higher dimensional data such as the 3D position of players on the pitch. NFL videos are fun too…


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