If a new rumor is to be believed, Apple has not yet used any color with its new M1 iMac series: The design aesthetic will also come into play on the next MacBook Air.

Famous Apple Leaker Jon Prosser, who has a pretty good track record, has released a number of new renders which he believes are indicative of MacBook Air designs that were shown to him from his own source at the company.

As reported by Digital trendsThe renders include some notable changes to the current MacBook Air design. The most obvious change is that the computer will supposedly come in one of seven colors: silver, blue. Yellow orange. Pink, purple and green. It is no coincidence that these are the same colors as Apple’s newly announced M1 iMacs are available in.

Additionally, Prosser’s renderings show that the colors continue inside the machines, with the exception of the thin bezels around the monitor and keyboard keys, which he was told were white. This is in contrast to the way Apple has designed its laptops in the past and right up to the latest M1 MacBooks with black bezels and black buttons. The entire case is also thinner than before and offers just enough height for a USB-C port.

Another note about these bezels: They’re pretty thin. Prosser admits the size of the bezels was largely a guess, but getting this small wouldn’t be crazy. How Digital trends Other 13-inch laptops with 16:10 displays such as the Dell XPS 13 and the Razer Book 13 already have similarly thin bezels.

Prosser tends to get a lot right when it comes to features or general aspects, but what products actually look like is where Prosser’s rumors tend to dissipate.

While he totally nailed that Apple wanted to bring out the iMac in different colorsHe realized what exactly those colors would look like and how Apple actually physically designed the computers. While many are still hoping for a professional iMac later this year, this one will look pretty much exactly like this one Per XDR adFor now, at least, the iconic iMac chin came along with the new designs despite what Prosser’s initial renderings promised.

Finally, Prosser says that this particular design doesn’t include the M1, but the new M2. It’s not clear when Apple would release these new MacBook Air designs, but the company has reportedly started manufacturing the next-generation M chips At the end of last monthThis means they are scheduled for release on devices in the fall – a typical launch window for the company. Apple announced the M1 processor as well as the current MacBook Air, Mac Mini and MacBook Pro last November.

Credit: All renderings of Ian Zelbo for John Prosser.

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