News | NTT and VMware deliver Edge-as-a-Service offering


NTT and VMware develop and deliver fully managed Edge+Private 5G offerings as a service

NTT Ltd., a leading IT infrastructure and services company, announced the launch of Edge-as-a-Service, a managed edge computing platform that gives enterprises the ability to quickly deploy, manage and deploy applications monitor closer to the edge.

NTT and VMware partner in collaboration with Intel to develop innovative edge-focused solutions and services. NTT uses VMware’s Edge Compute Stack to power its new Edge-as-a-Service offering. Additionally, VMware is adopting NTT’s private 5G technologies as part of its edge solution. The companies will collectively commercialize the offering through coordinated co-innovation, distribution and business development.

NTT’s Edge-as-a-Service offering is a globally available, integrated solution that accelerates business process automation. It provides near-zero latency for enterprise applications at the network edge, optimizing costs and improving the end-user experience in…

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