Banner image: From left to right, CU Boulder Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation Terri Fiez, Provost Russell Moore, CU Regents Ilana Spiegel and Sue Sharkey and General David Thompson stand in front of a mural in the Aerospace Engineering Sciences Building. (Photo credit: Casey A. Cass / CU Boulder)

A four-star general traveled to Boulder last week to highlight the CU system’s participation in a new effort called the Space Force University Partnership Program.

The innovative program will advance research supporting the mission of the newest branch of the military as a service that “organizes, trains and equips space forces to protect US and Allied interests in space.”

Scott Palo hands General Thompson the framework for a CubeSatGeneral Thompson speaks with Professor Marcus Holzinger in his laboratory on campus

Above: General Thompson greets Air Force ROTC cadets on campus at Boulder CU; Middle: Professor Scott Palo shows General Thompson the framework for a CubeSat; below: Professor Marcus Holzinger highlights four instruments, on the left, which will soon be installed as part of a telescope arrangement on the roof of space travel …

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