Amazon workers in Alabama will have another chance to unionize this winter as the National Labor Relations Board scheduled a postal vote on February 4th.

The agency announced Tuesday that workers had until March 25 to cast their votes. The agency will count the ballots on March 28th.

Workers at an Amazon warehouse near Birmingham, known as BHM1, voted against the formation of a union last spring after a highly controversial and public campaign. The employment agency discarded the results after discovering that Amazon inappropriately disrupted the election and opened the door for a new vote.

The agency told workers Tuesday that in the original vote, Amazon “disrupted the exercise of free and fair election of employees” by installing a mailbox in the warehouse, “creating the appearance of irregularities” and asking workers about questions have their opinion. Amazon, which said the mailbox should facilitate voting, has not appealed against the decision to rerun the elections.

The outstanding organizational work was carried out by the retail, wholesale and department store union. It has drawn the national attention of politicians and other figures as its aim is to create the first union with one of the largest employers in the country.

Barbara Agrait, an Amazon spokeswoman, said in a statement that Amazon’s “employees have always had a choice of whether or not to join a union and they have overwhelmingly chosen not to join”. She added that the company looks forward to the workers “being heard again”.

The union said in a statement that it had asked the agency to “take a number of remedial measures in the new elections that would have made the process fairer for workers” but the agency did not agree to their requests. “We are deeply concerned that the decision does not sufficiently prevent Amazon from continuing its obnoxious behavior in a new election,” the union said.

The company, which has vowed to become “the best employer on earth”, sees itself under pressure on several fronts. It has announced that it will spend $ 4 billion in the vacation quarter alone to tackle the labor shortage. Staten Island workers are also trying to unionize, and last month Amazon and the Labor Council signed one unusually wide nationwide settlement that gives workers more power to organize.

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