Independent survey sponsored by Anodot points to the need for AI-powered cloud monitoring and machine learning to reduce cloud costs within 30-60 days

Anodot, the autonomous enterprise monitoring company, today announced the results of an independent survey showing how organizations struggle to control the skyrocketing cloud computing costs of remote workers, even as the company moves to a hybrid model.

In the second quarter of 2021, Anodot surveyed more than 100 senior IT, finance and operations managers about their experiences managing cloud costs during the pandemic and shortly afterwards, when vaccinations became commonplace and more people returned to work. The survey found the following:

  • Cloud costs are skyrocketing and most organizations struggle to control those costs

    • Less than 20% of respondents said they saw spikes in cloud costs immediately

    • More than 25% said it could take months, weeks, or days to see an increase in cloud costs

    • For 59% …

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