Sometimes technology can be both a savior and a burden.

When much of the working world turned to remote connectivity in 2020, employees embraced collaboration tools to keep businesses up and running. This proved to be a huge plus for workplace continuity, but it also came at a price.

A survey of IT decision-makers and workers by Citrix Systems Inc. released earlier this year found that 64% were using more collaboration tools than before the pandemic, but 71% said those tools had made work itself more complicated.

The challenge for many businesses is to find the right balance between tools that help employees where and how they want to work without creating unnecessary complexity at the same time. A recent set of announcements from Citrix set out to address this.

“We’ll have to hold the hybrid model as the primary model; we may eventually go back to the way we were, but for the next several years it’s going to be that,” said Dion Hinchcliffe (pictured), vice president…

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