This time around, the REvil malware hit a multitude of IT management companies and compromised hundreds of their corporate customers.

The cybercriminal gang, believed to be operating out of Eastern Europe or Russia, has targeted a major software provider called Kaseya, whose products are widely used by IT management companies, cybersecurity experts said.

This latest ransomware attack has already knocked out at least a dozen IT support firms that rely on Kaseya’s remote management tool called VSA, said Kyle Hanslovan, CEO of cybersecurity company Huntress Labs. In at least one case, the attackers demanded a ransom of $ 5 million, according to Hanslovan.

The incident affects not only the IT management companies, but also the corporate clients of these companies who have outsourced IT management to them, said Hanslovan. He estimates that up to 1,000 small and medium-sized businesses could be affected by the hack.

“This is only three and a half hours old so this is very new and we don’t know the scope …


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