The holiday season is over and you still find yourself without one PS5? Don’t fret how Sony does everything possible to sell as many of these things as possible. Believe me, you really want your money.

If you happen to live in the United States and read that, then great! If you aren’t but want one anyway PS5, then you should move on as your inability to snap yourself PS5 will almost certainly intensify your longing.

aim Shops all over US will sell a new share of PS5 Consoles, both disc and digital. However, there are more disc versions than not available, as is usually the case.

The news comes from the ever-reliable Jake Randall on Twitter who posted the news aim wouldn’t top up today, it’ll come by the end of the week.

Unfortunately, delivery for these consoles is not possible. So make sure you have selected the closest location so that you can pick up yours PS5.

Much luck!

Source – [Twitter]

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