By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, January 14, 2021 at 2:19 p.m. GMT

Nintendo has announced a release date for New Pokemon Snap and has released more details about the game.

in the New Pokemon SnapYou will visit different islands in the Lental region, each with different ecosystems such as jungles and deserts. The region is filled with over 200 Pokémon waiting to be discovered.

As someone just starting out as a Pokemon photographer, you work with an expert in the lental region named Professor Mirror. You will accompany him and his assistant Rita on an ecological study to photograph Pokemon in nature.

These Pokémon can live in groups, wander around alone, or interact with other Pokémon species. You can interact with Pokemon by throwing a fluffruit to get their attention. This fruit can also be used to draw them into a specific situation and see how they react. If you shoot them with your camera at the perfect moment, you may get higher scores.

Professor Mirror rates and rates your photos. The photograph is evaluated based on the subjects’ poses, how big they appear, how directly they are facing the camera and where they fall into the frame. You take a lot of photos and use your highest scoring shots to fill in the Photodex.

To explore the region, ride the NEO-ONE, a self-driving vehicle that guides you through the countryside. Some Pokémon and plants seen while riding around the islands can also have a special glow known as the Illumina phenomenon.

The new Pokemon Snap will be released in stores and on the eShop for Switch on April 30th for $ 59.99 or your regional equivalent. It can be pre-ordered starting today.

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