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New photos should show a smaller notch on the iPhone 13


The iPhone 13 Notch rumors are back.

Yesterday, DuanRui posted three photos on Twitter claiming to show movie samples of Apple’s new iPhone 13. The photos, linked below, show a smaller notch than what’s currently in the iPhone 12 range, as well as the notched iPhones before that.

In the photos, you can see that if they’re actually real movie samples, Apple is moving the front speaker over the Face ID camera system, which ultimately shrinks the notch on the left and right sides of the iPhone.

This weekend’s photos follow one previous photo by DuanRui as well as a Report from MacRumors back in March.

IPhone 13 models are widely expected to have a smaller notch, and we can get a first look at the potential design. Greek repair company iRepair has provided MacRumors with an alleged photo of front glass panels for iPhone 13 models with the same three screen sizes of 5.4 “, 6.1” and 6.7 “as the iPhone 12. The notch on each iPhone is visibly smaller as the handset speaker is pushed into the top bezel. This design decision was first rumored for iPhone 12 models last year, but it didn’t materialize.

Apple is expected to release the iPhone 13 series this fall. In addition to a possibly smaller notch, the next iPhone is expected to get a 120Hz display as well as some significant camera upgrades.

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