An illustration shows the parts needed to assemble a NZXT Gaming PC.

Just follow the dashed line.
illustration: NZXT

Building a gaming PC for the first time can feel like an incredibly daunting task. Between collecting the required parts, making sure they all fit together, fiddling with delicate wires, and trying not to destroy expensive components, the whole process is troubling. Hardware maker NZXT is now offering what I think is an ingenious solution to this first-time PC build jitter by bundling parts with step-by-step instructions, a tool kit, and a two-year warranty case.

Aimed at construction beginners who have the courage to get their hands dirty, The new BLD kits from NZXT are designed to hold your hand throughout the process. Each kit comes with a box filled with clearly labeled parts that are guaranteed to assemble into a working gaming PC. This includes the case, motherboard, CPU, memory, RAM, power supply, graphics card, fans and even a copy of Windows 11. All the tools, screws and thermal paste you need for assembly are in the box contain.

What makes the BLD kit really special is the illustrated instructions. Like instructions for a Lego set, the book walks new builders through each step. It’s called the Adventure card for PC building, very wistful. Different construction steps are shown as different levels of adventure with simple illustrations and QR code links to video instructions.

A picture of the instruction manual that comes with the NZXT BLD kit shows how to install the memory.

I always install memory in the wrong slots the first time.
illustration: NZXT

Once you’ve read the book, you should have a pretty cool little gaming PC. The BLD kit is available in two models, the $ 1,400 Starter Pro and the $ 1,600 Streaming Plus. Both come with the NZXT’s distinctive H510 compact mid-tower case (not the NZXT model, the used to catch fire) in white or black, Gigabyte RTX 3060 Ti graphics cards and the Kraken CPU liquid cooler.

A finished NZXT BLD kit with a white housing with a large tempered glass side panel and purple LEDs.

I have the same case on my personal pc, only much sloppier.
photo: NZXT

Yes, it is still cheaper to get all of your own parts separately. If you can do that, you won’t need anything like the BLD kit. NZXT’s PC-in-a-Box is for people who want to build their own PC but are afraid they might screw it up. With clear directions, a fun presentation, and parts chosen for compatibility, it sounds like screwing up a BLD would be quite difficult. And when you do, everything is under warranty and NZXT has technicians on hand for emails, calls and chats.

It sounds a lot funnier than my first PC build, which was about crying, a destroyed motherboard, and an Intel i386 CPU that has mysteriously disappeared and is still missing.

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