We all learned this last night Happy chaos will be the next character to join Guilty Gear Strive’s list, and now we know a little bit more about the mage and the update that comes alongside him.

Arc System Works released new screenshots and information about Happy Chaos, and the player lobbies will be a bit different when it drops.

A picture seems to confirm that the Overdrive seen in the trailer will likely chase opponents as Happy Chaos hurls them through multiple portals.

His main ability to fire his weapon is definitely not limited to shooting those just lying on the ground, as another screen shows him shooting Nagoriyuki down in mid-air.

Interestingly, the revolver he uses for battle is one of only five celestial weapons available across the Multiverse with its specially named Crescent Moon.

The second one he’s wearing is actually just a replica.

Guilty Gear update picture # 1

Guilty Gear update picture # 2

Guilty Gear update picture # 3

Guilty Gear update picture # 4

When he was human, Happy Chaos was originally born in Ireland, which appears to make him the first Guilty Gear fighter in the country.

The aloof guy likes to drive, of course, as can be seen in the story and his victory screen, but he also “enjoys” local specialties and good-sounding musical instruments for beginners.

As for the new Player Match update that comes with Happy Chaos, users can customize the look of their personal lobbies.

Room items can be unlocked through Strive’s fishing shop to offer players something new to spend their money on.

Players can arrange furniture, change wallpapers and background scenes with up to 80 objects per house.

A total of 500 items will be available for purchase.

Guilty Gear update picture # 5

Guilty Gear update picture # 6

Guilty Gear update picture # 7

Guilty Gear update picture # 8

Guilty Gear update picture # 9

Guilty Gear update picture # 10

Guilty Gear update picture # 11

It doesn’t seem to be mentioned whether the actual functionality will change.

The update with Happy Chaos and lobby customization should be released on November 30th.

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