What is that in the sky? A new Garmin Forerunner? Or a new Garmin Fenix? No, it’s the Garmin Lily, a small and fashionable smartwatch for women. That’s right: Garmin is clearly trying to withdraw a large part of the casual smartwatch market. It tested the water in 2019 with the original Garmin Venu, followed by the smaller and more affordable in 2020 Garmin Venu Sq. Now is the time to bring out the big guns.

Well, little guns, as one of the main aspects of the new Garmin Lily is its size and, in particular, that it is small: the watch case is only 34mm wide which could make the Lily more attractive to small-wrapped women. The lily also uses Garmin’s new pregnancy tracking featureOf course, and it makes perfect sense that this was put in place a few months before the new watch was due to arrive, to address issues with it before the big reveal.

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