The triumphant return of the Galaxy Note is drawing near, though the next Note may not really be called that Galaxy Note 22. For now, we’re calling it what everyone else is calling: Galaxy S22 Ultra. This is the largest version of the Galaxy S22 Samsung will launch in mid-February, and the only one to feature an S Pen stylus. In contrast to the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the successor will have an integrated S Pen, just like all Galaxy Notes that house their S Pens. As a result, the Galaxy S22 Ultra will have a Note design that has been leaked over and over again. After seeing a press rendering a few days ago, we now have the best possible view of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. It’s a new press rendering leak that shows it all, and it’s from a reliable source.

We’ve been talking about the Galaxy S22 Ultra “Note” design for a few months now. The first rumors sounded like wishful thinking from die-hard Note enthusiasts who were still mourning the Note 21. They said the Galaxy S22 Ultra would have a built-in stylus, effectively becoming the new note phone.

Then more and more reports made the same claims. The first unofficial renderings soon surfaced and pointed out the obvious differences between the regular Galaxy S22 models and the Ultra version.

Weeks before the press renders went online, we heard that the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus will have flat screens and rounded corners. The Galaxy S22 Ultra will reportedly have a display with curved edges, rectangular corners, and flat top and bottom edges.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra press rendering

Given all of this, anyone who sees the Galaxy S22 Ultra could mistake it for a real Galaxy Note phone. The note design is unmistakable at this point. And it’s a design that Samsung can’t really change. The presence of the stylus forces Samsung to build the smartphone this way.

Well-known leaker Evan Blass has released the new Galaxy S22 Ultra press rendering, which you can see at the top of this article. Unlike the recent press rendering leak, this one shows the phone from both the front and back and confirms all previous design rumors.

And yes, the rear view camera module has a different design than last year. The four camera sensors and the flash are not built into a metal frame to protect their integrity. Instead, each camera protrudes through the rear-facing matte glass.

Also the color fits the previous leaks, and that includes the pen. As before, the S Pen is available in black. But the top part that you see when you stick the stylus in the phone is the same color as the handset.

Samsung will confirm all of these leaks and be out in mid-February when it unveils the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

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