• Bill to better protect smartphones, televisions, speakers, toys and other digital devices from hackers
  • Prevents UK sales of connectable consumer products that do not meet basic safety requirements
  • Research shows that four out of five manufacturers of networkable products do not take adequate security measures
  • Includes plans for fines of up to £ 10 million, or up to 4 percent of global sales, for companies that fail to comply

A new law requires manufacturers, importers, and distributors of digital technology connected to the Internet or other products to ensure that they meet the stringent new cybersecurity standards – with heavy fines for those who fail to comply.

The Product Safety and Telecommunications Infrastructure (PSTI) bill presented to Parliament today will allow the government to ban universal default passwords, forcing companies to be transparent with their customers about what they are doing to fix security vulnerabilities in connectable products , and a. ..

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