The current growth of the population ages 65 and older, driven by the large baby boom generation, is unprecedented in U.S. history and often referred to as the “Silver Tsunami.”  More than ever, senior adults are working longer, planning on staying independent, and insisting on aging on their own terms. As they have passed through each major stage of life, baby boomers – currently defined as those between ages 56 and 74 – have brought both challenges and opportunities to residential interior design for this ever-growing segment of our society.

“One of the biggest challenges, quite frankly, is that the older we get, the less receptive we are to change, particularly when it comes to new trends in technology,” said Vogue Interiors’ Donna Overly, ASID, CAPS.  “Seniors like me have probably had experiences with their computers or electronic devices that required help from their kids, or better yet, grandkids.  Often, these…

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