New artificial intelligence lab at AT&T’s SMU


Intelligent Systems and Bias Examination Lab “ISaBEL” will bring together industry and academic research to balance the impact of automated systems

Dallas (SMU) – Quantifying and minimizing bias in artificial intelligence systems is the goal of a new lab set up at SMU’s AT&T Center for Virtualization. Pangiam, a global leader in artificial intelligence, is the first industry partner for the Intelligent Systems and Bias Examination Lab (Isabel).

ISaBEL’s mission is to understand how artificial intelligence (AI) systems, such as B. face recognition algorithms, work with different user populations. The lab will explore how to mitigate existing biases in these systems using the latest research, standards and other peer-reviewed scientific studies.

Algorithms give computers instructions to follow when performing certain tasks, and bias can come from things like incomplete data or reliance on erroneous…

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