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Apple leaks have already revealed what everyone knows as the most shocking change in the iPhone 14 range: the notchless redesign. Right? Not correct. New information shows that their prices will be …

in a (n exclusive reportBloomberg’s excellent Apple guru Mark Gurman reports that Apple’s decision to replace the iPhone 13 mini with an iPhone 13 Max will likely result in a price increase of up to $300.

Update 4/29: And now we know exactly what the new iPhone 14 Max and the rest of the iPhone 14 lineup will look like. Thanks to a major supply chain leak on popular Chinese website Weibo — historically home to component leaks — (via Content Creator Saran byte) we can now see the actual faceplates of all four models for the first time. Interestingly, the parts confirm several details hot-tipped:

  • iPhone 14 Pro models have thinner, symmetrical bezels
  • Pro models appear to be slightly larger than non-Pro models more rounded corners
  • The iPhone 14 Max actually replaces the iPhone 13 Mini and is about the same size as the 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Pro Max – apart from the aspect ratio
  • Standard models keep the notch while both iPhone 14 Pros have the polarization new “i-shaped” neckline.

The alignment of the actual parts (which is a regular trend around this time every year as Apple ramps up mass production) also adds substance to the leaks inside the new models. However, this is not necessarily good news. Specifically, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max are expected to be the first to run on a previous-generation chipset (Apple’s 2021 A15 Bionic, which is also used in the $429 iPhone SE), while the newly leaked price increases (below ) seem even more likely.

“So for the first time, the non-Pro iPhone line gets a 6.7-inch screen option,” explains Gurman. “…Users can now get Apple’s largest iPhone for at least $200 less than before.”

In other words, an iPhone 14 Max will be around $200 cheaper than an iPhone 14 Pro Max. Now let’s break that down. Currently, an iPhone 13 Pro Max costs $1099, which would cost $899 for an iPhone 14 Max — a $200 increase over the $699 iPhone 13 Mini it replaces. But not so fast.

Multiple leaks have claimed that rising component costs and Apple’s determination to differentiate Pro and non-Pro iPhones will see the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max jump to $1099 and $1199, respectively will. That $200 gap potentially takes the iPhone 14 Max to $999 now — $300 more than an iPhone 13 Mini.

And that’s just the beginning, because as Gurman points out, standard iPhone 14 models will have far fewer Pro features than previous generations. Features he claims they’ll miss out on include:

All of this leaves Apple fans with a conundrum: how important is size?

Poor iPhone 13 Mini sales have shown once again that big screens are what users really want, so a cheaper iPhone 14 Pro Max should fit the bill perfectly. But if the iPhone 14 Max costs around $1000 and for just $100 more you can get an iPhone 14 Pro that has a superior design, an improved camera, next-gen performance and a 120Hz ProMotion display available, the reaction could be quite different.

give user What you want but not how you want it, is an Apple specialty. And it looks like the iPhone 14 range will be no different.


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