Today, NetOps is fundamental to network management and underscores the need for physical hardware, even as we move towards virtualization, said Simon Pincus, VP of Engineering, Opengear

To find out why companies are investing so heavily in NetOps for secure, robust network access and IT automation, we surveyed network managers, architects and engineers from companies in the UK, US, Germany and France. According to his study, the majority of respondents said that over the past two years their companies have increased investments in NetOps while investments only decreased 5%. Additionally, about half of the companies that increased their NetOps spending did so by 50% or more. And almost all of the survey participants felt that NetOps was important to varying degrees in network infrastructure planning.

Why do companies use NetOps?

In the minds of those who work with the network on a daily basis, the usefulness of NetOps is …

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