Netflix is ​​cracking down on users who use VPNs to access restricted content


Netflix will be tough on subscribers using a VPN to view content from other countries.

Netflix’s model means that not all of its shows will be available in all territories, for example the offer in the UK will be different from the subscribers in the US, but some users are not satisfied with it and use VPNs – short for Virtual Private Network – to bypass the restrictions.

Now a report in Torrent Freak claims the streaming giant will take action against those who try to use a VPN to access restricted content by blocking their IP addresses.

Photo credit: PA
Photo credit: PA

Those who Netflix finds they are using VPNs can only stream Netflix Originals – since the rights to those shows and films are wholly owned by the streaming service.

Customers posted about the problem on social media, with Netflix users writing, “Netflix has the right to block geo-restricted content. Now what?”

Another wrote: “I noticed that my account only had Netflix Originals and a …



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