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There’s nothing quite like watching a basketball game and cheering on your favorite team as they battle for points before the buzzer sounds. From players and staff to technology, everyone must work together in lockstep to deliver a truly immersive experience.

As fans, we expect personalized experiences that bring together the virtual world and the real world on and off the pitch. That means all-new viewing experiences and virtual reality, real-time highlights of our favorite basketball games, and seamless ways to connect with other fans (and rivals!) when and how we want.

With the right technology partner and cloud-based App Transformation Strategy is necessary to help organizations like that national basketball federation (NBA) continue to deliver such memorable experiences and exceed fan expectations. Successful App modernization requires teamwork, which is why we’re proud to share our latest customer story about our partnership with the NBA.

Inside the Customer Playbook: the NBA’s IT Application Development Group

Our latest customer story introduces you to the world of the NBA’s IT Application Development Group, a dedicated team responsible for developing and maintaining the NBA’s applications for internal and external users. The NBA leveraged Microsoft Azure application platform services for app modernization to accelerate time to market for apps across multiple use cases that have enhanced the NBA experience wherever fans, judges, and staff engage.

This process involved consolidating the apps and data the NBA ran from multiple locations into one location, including those that were on-premises. Modernizing a large app estate requires the NBA’s IT Application Development Group to plan many tasks, from configuration and security to deployment and scaling to optimizing network and storage requirements. By using cloud technologies like Azure App Service, the NBA has been able to accelerate time to market by offloading these routine but critical tasks to a fully managed application platform. They have further streamlined the app development process with low-code and no-code capabilities using Azure and PowerApps.

How has that affected fans, referees and staff? Here is a little taste of the use cases, which you can read in detail in our customer story:

The red, white and blue NBA logo features the letters NBA and a silhouette of a basketball player and a ball.

fans: See how the NBA used virtual simulations and in-game digital experiences to ensure fans felt connected to the game (and each other) when it was still difficult to meet in person during the COVID-19 pandemic .

Referees (but really, fans!): Learn about REPS (Referee Engagement and Performance System), an app designed to help referees and management evaluate, collaborate, train and develop to ensure consistency in play – and not bad decisions .

employee: Discover NBAOne, an internal mobile-first app built by the NBA for its 1,800 employees that consolidates no fewer than 50+ different applications into a single sign-on experience. This easy-to-use app helped employees with everything from booking game tickets to time off, greatly improving their day-to-day employee experience.

Achieve faster time to market

When it comes to delivering new experiences, we know it faster time to market is what keeps customers coming back. Azure not only provides the technology, but also a suite of fully managed services to support faster application and data modernization at scale:

  • Leverage fully managed application and data services like Azure App Service, Azure Spring Apps, Azure SQL Database Hyperscale, and Azure Cosmos DB.
  • Rapidly deploy line-of-business apps with low-code application development using Power Apps and Azure.
  • Build on containers with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).
  • Manage continuous delivery and development workstreams with AzureDevOps.
  • Get unmatched technical expertise through Microsoft United Support.

A versatile platform with global scale, built-in security, and high availability, Azure is the all-star in your playbook for speeding time to market with modern apps.

A smiling man texting on a mobile phone in front of a blue brick wall, the Microsoft Azure logo and a quote with text sit on a dark background.  Under a blue quotation mark is the text: We've really been able to personalize the end-user experience to their liking.  –Sahil Gupta, SVP Head of Application Development, NBA.  Read the customer story.

Choose your transformation strategy for modern apps

Every customer is a potential fan, and when it comes to choosing the right technology partner, speeding time to market, enabling greater productivity, and global reach are factors that deliver memorable customer experiences time and time again. We are thrilled to have the NBA partner with Azure on this important mission and appreciate the opportunity to do so this customer story.

Is your company considering app modernization? learn more about Application and data modernization and how Azure can help you accelerate time to market to deliver incredible experiences.

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