NATO will adopt its first artificial intelligence strategy this week and launch an innovation fund with the aim of investing US $ 1 billion to make the 30-nation security pact “future-proof”, said Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Wednesday.

“We see authoritarian regimes fighting to develop new technologies, from artificial intelligence to autonomous systems,” said Stoltenberg at a press conference at Allianz’s Brussels headquarters.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin will meet with his NATO member counterparts in Brussels on Thursday to officially approve the plans during two-day talks.

Stoltenberg said he expected the new NATO fund to invest in emerging and disruptive technologies. New headquarters and test centers will be set up in both Europe and North America to support the effort, he said.

“We have to keep our technological lead,” said Stoltenberg. “Future conflicts will not only be fought with bullets and bombs, but also with …

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