National Cyber ​​Director: Mandates to protect commercial information…


National Cyber ​​Director Chris Inglis said his office is reviewing legislation that would begin the process of requiring critical information and communications technology vendors to standardize certain security features in their offerings.

“When you buy a car today, you don’t have to negotiate an airbag, seat belt or anti-lock brakes yourself, it’s already built in,” said Inglis. “I’m sure we will do the same in commercial infrastructure, which has a safety-critical, life-critical responsibility to play.”

Inglis was speaking at an Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) event Monday as part of its efforts to engage the private sector in a collaborative approach to cybersecurity.

As demonstrated by the establishment and endowment of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, the government has relied heavily on the idea that organizations would voluntarily take action to improve the cybersecurity of…

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