Part of a panorama from NASA’s Perseverance Rover shows its surroundings in the Jezero crater of Mars. The close-up perspective is somewhat distorted due to the panorama effect. (NASA / JPL-Caltech)

For the first time ever, NASA recorded a video of a rover landing on the surface of Mars, as well as audio recordings of the wind whistling past it after landing – and Amazon Web Services is key in delivering all of those gigabytes of goodness to the world.

The stars of the show include NASA’s Perseverance Rover and the hundreds of scientists and engineers supporting the mission to Mars at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and other institutions around the world. The fact that thousands of images are pumped through the NASA website with just a few hiccups is arguably a testament to the power of AWS.

“AWS is proud to support NASA JPL’s Perseverance mission,” said Teresa Carlson, vice president of the global public sector for Amazon Web Services and …

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