MY TAKE: The Big Lesson of Log4j – Legacy tools and new technologies are both required to…


Log4j is the latest and greatest vulnerability, showing just how weak the security of modern networks has become.

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Log4j, also known as Log4Shell, has shed a surgical light on the multiplying attack vectors resulting from companies’ increasing reliance on open-source software.

All of this is part of companies plunging into the near future: the migration to cloud-based IT infrastructures is in full swing, complexity is mushrooming and the fear of falling behind is keeping the competition in suspense. In this heady environment, open-source network components like Log4j present opportunities for threat actors. It is noteworthy that vulnerabilities in open source software are only one of several avenues suitable for malicious manipulation.

The cybersecurity community is by no means blind to the complex security challenges arising from digital transformation. For at least a decade, a methodological push has been underway to…

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