Multi-cloud strategies are becoming a dominant part of companies’ long-term IT roadmaps.

This is the result of a study by the IT services company Ensono, in which 500 full-time employees in the UK and the US with decision-making authority in cloud procurement were surveyed.

Bryan Doerr, Executive Vice President of Product and Technology, said, “This report paints a clear picture of the industry and shows how corporate investments in cloud services have changed over the past year.

“Since almost half of the respondents stated that they had decided on a new provider in the past year, it is clear that the shares in the cloud market between the large providers are completely competitive. The most important thing for companies right now is to invest in the right cloud strategy for their IT workloads. “

According to the study, security and technical requirements are not just pricing or vendor incentives, but also the most important factors in decision-making in the cloud. More…

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