Fierce’s Multi-Cloud Networking 101 Series takes a look ahead and uses a series of progressive interviews with experts to help readers better understand the key fundamental concepts and market landscape of Multi-Cloud Networking. This emerging field is designed to solve the problems associated with linking networks and applications across multiple cloud environments.

In this week’s interview, Pere Monclus, VP and CTO in the Networking and Security Business Unit at VMWare, is introduced. The interview transcript has been edited for length and clarity.

Fierce Telecom (FT): We recently created a Cloud 101 series that focuses on defining what the cloud is and what it can be used for. But there is obviously more than one cloud provider. What are the problems associated with using more than one cloud?

Pere Monclus (PM): There are several problems. The first is overall access control and ownership of the resources of multiple clouds. And since you have a developer who works in several …


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