A number of VPNs we’ve analyzed stand out as panacea for privacy and security, with marketing collateral that makes too broad or unrealistic statements about their benefits. Mullvad, IVPN, and Mozilla excel at presenting their services accurately, not over-promising, and educating users about the limitations of VPNs.

Mullvad does an excellent job here, describing a VPN as “a good first step” in protecting privacy and pointing out that it is “not the ultimate solution”. The site also provides information about what other steps people should take to improve their personal online safety.

IVPN’s web copy is remarkably open to users about what VPNs can and can’t do – and even casts some shadow over more hyperbolic VPN services. For example, the company says, “We don’t promise anonymity or ‘military encryption'” – two claims that are easy to find when you browse some VPN websites. (There is no version of …


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